How I Connect Dylan O’Brien to His Characters. (how all of the shows/movies he’s been in are connected)


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Does anyone else have the exact same wolf hat as Dylan in this video? :’)


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I actually typed this whole thing out and was reading it over when my computer crashed and deleted everything. I’m so mad about that. >:'[ (but I’ll try to remember the story. It was actually a lot more detailed when it comes to dates and stuff before.)

I like to think of Dylan and Stiles’ lives as two different realities.

But when it comes to Dylan (the actor of) Stiles (from Teen Wolf), and Thomas (from The Maze Runner), I like to connect things. I like to think that Teen Wolf didn’t end, but was continued by Stiles (and Dylan) in The Maze Runner movies.

Dylan has a YouTube channel. You should go watch the videos, starting from the very first (I’m still watching the videos actually.) You should also check out the playlist called, “YouTube Marriage Proposal” by Katie’sOpinion. It’s an interesting story from 9 years ago between Dylan and a girl named Katie. Dylan is acting silly in this, pouring his heart out, and being very much like Stiles in these videos (just think Dylan and Stiles are basically the same person and it won’t be as confusing. I’ll tell you how in a minute here.)

But first,


Now that you’ve watched EVERY SINGLE VIDEO YOU CAN FROM THAT PLAYLIST, let’s move on.

On the last video in the playlist, it shows Dylan running (and falling) away from the camera on his way to Philadelphia to go get the girl of his dreams (even though he knows it’s illegal.) Now, I doubt he actually went there but for the sake of my “world-connecting-story”, we’ll say that he did. He and Katie are friends in real life now by the way.

Now, my story starts.


Stiles is basically just Dylan and Thomas (and Thomas is just Stiles with a different name.) Dylan/Stiles’ name is Stiles because that’s who ties the two stories (Dylan’s life story and “Thomas'” trip through the Flare) together.

Stiles goes to Philadelphia,  hitching rides on buses, looking for Katie. When he does find her, she says she’s flattered and that it’s sweet he came all that way, but she still can’t date him because he’s not legal. She invites him in and gives him some food and such and they talk. Of course, Stiles falls asleep every few seconds, exhausted from all the searching. They bond and actually become good friends by the time he has to go home.

His parent’s (Stiles Stilinski’s parents.) (Btw, his mom lives longer. She dies before everyone forgets Stiles in season 6 though, so that his dad can realize something is up) had called him, rather mad at him for seemingly running away and said that they could pick him up in a few days (they were probably on a trip or something.)

But enough about THOSE details, let’s get into the rest of the story.

About a year after being rejected by Katie in 2008, Stiles and his parent’s moved from their home in Hermosa Beach to Beacon Hills. Stiles already knew Scott before he’d moved by the way. Four years later we are in the time frame of Teen Wolf (2013). June 2014, Stiles graduates and moves to Washington DC (he is now 18 years old.)

When he get’s there though, WCKD capture’s him, brainwashes him and plants false memories into his head (like of his family on The Maze Runner. Didn’t happen.) WCKD has always been one step ahead of us since the beginning.

In fact, they’ve been one step ahead of everybody.

They knew the Flare was coming. They’ve known for years. They started placing the boys in the Maze in 2011 (Stiles meet’s them three years later in 2014.) WCKD sent him to the Maze in September, almost four months after capturing him (in this time, the Flare ruins the world. By the way, the first Maze Runner was also released in September of 2014. The connection was intentional.)

In the movie, it seems that it only took about a week for Stiles to get out of the Maze (but in reality, it took a year. The Scorch Trials was released September 15th, 2015. So, for entertainment purposes and matching timelines, let’s say it took a year for him and his buds to get out (Stiles is now 19 and is taking on the looks of present-day Dylan.)

The Scorch Trials happen and at the end of the movie, Stiles says he’s going to find Minho. The others think he’s crazy at first but then decide to go with him and ask what his plan is.

I know we’re all probably still eagerly waiting for the third Maze Runner movie to come out in 2018, The Death Cure. I know I am. I want to finish this ‘chapter’ of my connected worlds story. Let’s hope that there is a two-three year gap at some point in the next movie so that the story can take place in 2018 and everything can match up like it has been. Stiles/Thomas will be 22! And Dylan will be 27! Crazy… Time flies!

I hope you enjoyed this weird little story thing where I talk about mashing the lives of an actor and two character’s he has portrayed together!


If you noticed that Stiles would only be 12 when Dylan was 16 in the “Katie” scene… Don’t think about that… Just pretend that he was sixteen, or imagine that it happened when he first moved to Beacon Hills (when Stiles was actually 16) :’) (I’ll even do it for you if you ask.) If you notice anything that’s incorrect on here, let me know! 😀

Okay! BYE! ❤


Does anyone else do the “loose peace sign wave/salute”? I realized that Stiles (probably Dylan) and I all do it :’]


Some Of My Thoughts on Destiel


My thoughts about this video and the comments,

I think it’s fine that Jensen doesn’t think of Dean and Cas that way. As long as he doesn’t flat out call all Destiel shippers ‘crazy’, ‘stupid’ or say that they ‘are ruining the show’ then that’s fine. And I know that Destiel probably won’t be proven truly canon on the show. That’s fine as well. I’m happy, even if what’s on the show is just “fan baiting”.

I know that (to some people *Chris Cross in the comment section*) it seems, “Destiel is just made up by rabid fangirls/boys too blinded by their need for everyone and everything to be gay. There is nothing going on between Dean and Cas.” And I’d have to disagree.

And even if it’s just used to “tickle our fancy”, You have to admit… With all of the “hints”, they drop on the show and the chemistry that Dean and Cas have… If Supernatural wasn’t just a show and it was real, there is not a single doubt in my mind that they would be canon. Without the actors, writers, directors and fans (who are uncomfortable with Destiel), it would happen. Untouched by the influence of other people. Just… Real. I know that it’s impossible for someone to do what Dean and Cas have and NOT like each other.

Now, I’ve read some of the comments on this video and I just have to say, I care about the show and everyone on it equally. I also want to say that, TwisteBarbie, I believe Misha isn’t just, “Messing around with Destiel”.

He’s said he ships Destiel. He’s said, “We don’t talk about it, but we’re all perfectly aware of how the relationship is, the writers are completely aware of how it’s being written. It may be unspoken but that doesn’t mean it’s not there or not true.” (I highly suggest you read this: http://lurea.tumblr.com/post/34536825294/meetngreet-dean-loves-cas)

Misha ships it and if it wasn’t a show, Destiel would be canon.


Misha Rubs Off On Cass.gif

Cas and Dean, your actor is showing.


What Dean Was Supposed to Say In Season 8 Episode 17 (destiel)

I’m sure if you’re a long-time fan of Supernatural or Destiel, you remember the “I need you”, scene starring Castiel and Dean Winchester (S08 E17) https://youtu.be/rT0ve1tvSM0

You know,

the one that took Cas about a thousand tries to do successfully? And even then, when the time came, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do that to Dean, the person he cared so much for. He knew it was wrong and we did too.

The thing that really made Castiel question his (unwilling) decisions though, was when Dean said the oh-so-famous words, “We’re family.” As you can tell, Cas was struggling (with himself and Naomi) in this scene.

It was considered that Dean say, “I love you,” instead of, “We’re family,” but it was ‘thrown out’ because it was (in the words of someone I admire), “Just… too gay, I guess.” ~ AreTheyGay.

i love you

I know, I know, this is old news but, just in case any of you Destiel fans haven’t heard, there you go.

hug i love you too